Saturday, February 6, 2016

January Recap

I happened to look at our blog the other day and I realized that our last post was about the fourth of July! Also, to make matters worse, in the post before that I mentioned doing a monthly recap. Well, it is January (or February now) of a new year and I thought maybe I could start with another attempt of the recaps. So here we go...

January was a pretty uneventful month for us but it was also very relaxing. We've watched a lot of movies, played a lot of games, visited with friends, and just enjoyed spending time together as a family. It's been an unseasonably nice January but it's still one of those months that you spend the majority of the time inside. I actually kind of like it to be honest. Don't get me wrong, I'm SO looking forward to spring but being cooped up for a month or so has been pretty enjoyable. 

 The kids and I were able to spend one evening with our best friends. It's kind of crazy that this is what our get togethers have turned into. I love it! Next time we need to get a picture of the adults together. 

 Oliver and Jared had some daddy/son time and went to the new Star Wars movie together. It's so crazy how much Oliver is growing up!

 Eating out with the kiddos. Ice cream is a must!

 Both kids have been super imaginative lately. They are always talking about building forts, crawling through caves, playing super heroes, and just chasing each other. The other day while we were driving they were freaking out about a giant in a nearby field. We all screamed, laughed, and luckily escaped the giant. There was a monster just around the corner though. ;) They have Jared and I acting like kids sometimes too which is pretty awesome. 

Despite the grumpy look on her face, Ivy loves having her nails painted. Love that her daddy plays along!

 We've been trying to have Friday night be a family movie night. The kids love it! Also, Ivy is now in her big girl bed!

More just playing around. :)
 Enjoyed some time at the park on one of those crazy nice days!