Thursday, March 24, 2016

Oliver is 6!

Our little Oliver turned 6 today! I'm not even sure how that's possible. I feel like just yesterday he was learning to walk and now he's riding bikes, climbing to the top of the playground, and about to finish kindergarten. We are so incredibly proud of the little man he is becoming. He is such a sweet, silly, fun loving, compassionate guy. He makes us laugh on a daily basis and he is such a great big brother to Ivy. 

We had his birthday party this past Sunday and we decided to go with an Angry Birds theme. Oliver LOVES Angry Birds!!! We have to ration the time he plays  or I'm pretty sure he would play all the time. 

Our first pinata! The kids enjoyed it so we'll probably be doing this again at future birthdays. 

 Jared built a life size Angry Birds course. It was a hit!! The kids loved it and the adults did too. 

 When everyone got bored with that, the kids decided it would be fun to become the bird and run into the boxes themselves. Oliver was in constant giggles. Loved it!


Sunday, March 6, 2016

February Recap

There may still be hope for me and this blogging thing after all. Two consecutive recaps! I have to say February is typically one of my least favorite months but this one was actually pretty great. We traveled to Puerto Rico, potty trained Ivy, went on a field trip with Oliver, and all was done with minimal snow. Minimal snow is something to celebrate!

Potty training Ivy wasn't something we were too worried about or something we were rushing to do. After potty training Oliver we learned that him being ready was the biggest key and it made our lives so much easier and potty training less stressful. Well, Ivy was definitely ready. She was to the point of bringing us diapers, wipes, and telling us when she needed a new diaper. We pulled out the ol' potty and seriously after a few accidents on the floor she had it figured out. So thankful to say that we are pretty much out of diapers. We still put her in a pull-up at night but for the most part they are dry when she wakes up. Yea Ivy!

 We decided not to get a babysitter for Valentine's day this year and just hang out with the kiddos. Jared came up with the idea to go on a double date with them and go somewhere different. We opted to go to a local Japanese steakhouse that cooks the food in front of you. The kids loved watching them make the food and especially the parts involving fire. We ended the night with homemade sugar cookies. Sprinkles anyone?!

I could easily dedicate a whole blog post to our Puerto Rico trip but I'll just share the condensed version. It was amazing!!! Jared got booked to do a wedding down there and I was able to tag along with him and help out. My parents watched the kids and we were able to turn it into a mini vacation. We had one whole free day and we spent it exploring. We walked around old San Juan and checked out two old forts. The forts are a must do if you ever go to PR. We also discovered the best frozen yogurt we have ever had. It was so good Jared even toyed with the idea of franchising one. Lol, not happening but it was fun to talk about. We had it three times on our short trip! It was a great mini vacation and I highly recommend leaving Indiana in February. The only bad thing about the trip was flying American Airlines. (Bleh, don't do it!)

Oliver had a field trip to the Children's Museum and I'm so glad Jared and Ivy were able to join him. His teachers and class have been so great for him. He loves it! The life skills class has been such a blessing. He is learning so much, academically and socially. So proud of him!

Just some miscellaneous pictures from the month. February was great but I'm happy to say welcome March and hello spring!