Saturday, April 4, 2015

Oliver is 5!

We had a great time last week celebrating Oliver's fifth birthday! We had a little party at my parents and it was perfect for him. This is the first birthday that I feel like he actually understood what was going on and he truly enjoyed himself. He joined in when we sang happy birthday, blew out his candles, he ate the cake, and opened presents. In the past he didn't like it when we would sing, he wasn't interested in trying the cake, and he needed help staying on track for all the birthday festivities. It was a relief this year to see him laugh and have an enjoyable time. He was having so much fun in fact that he had me relight the candles and he started singing happy birthday again. He said "Come on, Pa!" and wanted everyone to join in. So proud of him and the leaps he's made! 

Such a goofball! :)

And just a few of our Ivy Jane...