Friday, August 14, 2015

July 4th fun!

This year on the fourth we decided to just stay home, have a cookout, and shoot off fireworks. Jared's mom, sister and her family joined us which was great! We don't see them too often so it was fun to spend an evening just hanging out. We shot most of our fireworks off in the early evening and then just enjoyed having a bonfire. We've never been home at night on the fourth so we were surprised to see that several of our neighbors go all out with their fireworks. It was quite a show! I think next year we will just stay home again and enjoy the festivities. Not dealing with traffic and crowds was a definite plus. All in all it was a great night! The kids are always big fans of daddy shooting off fireworks. :)

We had smores for dessert and I was setting out supplies for everyone. The chocolate kept disappearing but I thought I just forgot to sit it out. Turns out little miss Ivy would take a piece, walk off, and come back for more. So, please ignore the chocolate face. :)

Smoke bombs and sparklers are always a big hit!

Giving a hug to his newest cousin, Athena.

Snuggling with my Ivy girl. 

Just a little worn out...
Happy late fourth everyone!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summer Recap - June 2015

Summer is coming to a close with many memories made and no blogs posted. As the kids get older and life gets crazier I get increasingly worse at documenting things. I'm going to try to do a summer recap and maybe even a monthly recap in the future in hopes of all of our family moments not getting forgotten or mixed together. 

June didn't have any big events other than just enjoying summer. We played outside a lot, went to the splash pad, caught lightning bugs, built forts, chased bubbles, spent time with friends, grilled out, etc. Pretty much all things summer. :) We definitely have water babies! They could spend all day playing in the water. It was a very mild June but thankfully we were able to do a lot outside.  

 We were able to visit with our Nashville friends. Hopefully they can all grow up to be buddies. :)