Thursday, June 26, 2014

Our Little Explorer

We celebrated Ivy's birthday at the end of May but I am just getting around to her twelve month pictures. We had a cookout and water day last Sunday and she was being her cute self so we thought what better time for a little photo shoot. This girl is always changing and always making us laugh. Her smile is always changing too and I'm happy to say the the scrunchy face is back. It's my favorite!

My granny, Ivy's Gigi, likes to buy sweet dresses and she bought Ivy this dress for Christmas to be worn for her first birthday. She looked so cute!

She loves clapping and she love her daddy! :)

 This picture screams Ivy. I love the sweet dress pictures but this is our Ivy.

After playing and doing pictures we got the kids cleaned up and came in to relax for a bit before bed. We heard some commotion from the dining room and around the corner was this sweet girl with french onion dip on her forehead. Lol, all you can do is laugh. She is definitely our little explorer. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Happy Birthday!

Ivy turned one on May 28th! I can't believe how fast this last year has gone. She is such a fun, independent, happy girl. She is always on the move and getting into everything she possibly can. She has quite the personality! She wasn't walking on her birthday but just in the last couple days she has taken off. It's so cute to see because she walks with her hands held up to keep her balance.  
We had a small party a couple weeks ago to celebrate and she LOVED her cake. She was much more dainty eating it than we were expecting. She is always surprising us. :)

For some reason this picture makes me laugh. :)

Ivy absolutely loves playing on Pa's cookie shelf when we are there. She always has parchment paper or chocolate chips in her hand (or mouth).

This last picture I just wanted to throw in because it's cute. Oliver on his first birthday.