Monday, May 12, 2014

11 months...

I can't believe that we will be celebrating Ivy's first birthday in just a couple weeks! She is such a fun, wild, silly, sweet girl. She gets into anything and everything and tends to prefer the things she isn't supposed to have. She loves to sneak to the stairs if we're not looking and if we catch her she'll give us her little smirk. Oliver and Ivy have been playing together more and more and sometimes I think Ivy misses him when he's at school. It's pretty sweet. Ivy loves food! If anyone is eating she wants some. She recently had lemon pudding and she goes crazy for it! She is beginning to take more and more steps on her own but I wouldn't call her a full blown walker yet. I wouldn't be surprised if she is by her birthday though. 

A couple weeks ago we had our monthly backyard photo shoot and let me just say she is tough. Whenever we break out the camera she puts her somber face on and it takes a lot of craziness on our part to get a smile. Oh, and her hair is finally long enough for a hair bow. Yea! 

So serious...

 Daddy finally got some laughs out of her. :)

 She and Oliver both LOVE this swing!

 Showing off her 7 teeth!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Zoo Field Trip

This week we had Oliver's field trip to the zoo with his preschool class. The weather was perfect and we had such a great time! Oliver loved it which was a very welcome change from last year.

He always loves whenever he gets to ride on the school bus. :)

Our little Ivy girl ready for her first zoo trip.

He has been into fish for a few months now so Jared and I were very excited to take him to the oceans exhibit. His face lit up when he saw those huge tanks and all the fish. He just ran from one tank to the next taking it all in. It was so fun to watch his excitement. He was unsure about the shark tank. He'd put his hands in the water but when a shark would come around he'd snatched his hands out. Understandable, they're slimy little guys. He also really enjoyed the penguins and seals. Every time a penguin would jump out of the water onto the land he would giggle and say "go!".

We decided to skip the dolphin show because last year it was overwhelming for him and he spent the whole time having a breakdown. :( I don't blame him because it was so loud and crowded! Anyway, while the dolphin show was going on we came across the Flamingo Mingle which was super fun. They have the flamingos out eating shrimp and if you stand still they'll come up to you and "preen" your hair. It was crazy but cool. There was one that kept playing with Jared's hat and Oliver got a kick out of that. They got really close to Oliver and I but I think we were moving too much to have them touch us. Lol, I'm okay with that.

We bought wristbands so we could feed some of the animals and ride the rides. It was a great purchase because those were some of Oliver's favorite parts. We fed the giraffes which he thought was pretty funny and Jared fed the birds which Ivy really seemed to enjoy. He rode on his first roller coaster (or choo choo as he calls it) and he loved it! The belly laughs that he was having were priceless. In fact he cracks up just watching the video of him riding it. He rode it 4 or 5 times. The train was also a big hit but we knew that from last year.

All in all it was a great day. One of those days that I think we will remember for a long time. We have to get a membership Jared ;)

 We had two tired kiddos... and tired parents. :)