Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Oliver is 4!

I cannot believe our Oliver James is four years old! When did he grow up on us?! If you read our blog then you know this has been a big year for little man. Just looking at his three year pictures I can see so much change in him. He has lost his baby look and turned into a little boy. It's so exciting to see him grow and understand more but it's also bittersweet to see those milestones fly by. We just saw his doctor yesterday and he couldn't believe the changes he's seen in him since last year. Sometimes it's hard to see big progress because we're with him on a daily basis so it was great to hear so many positive things. He also checked out health wise and measured in at 43 1/2" tall and 49 lbs. He's definitely a growing boy!

This past weekend we celebrated Oliver's birthday with a simple party at our house. Oliver loves Sesame Street so we tried to stick with that theme and make sure all of his favorite things and people were there. He's never been too much of a cake fan so rather than trying to master gluten/dairy free cake making I decided to stick with rice crispy treats and Pa's cookies. Here are some of the pictures from his party. :)

He got this new sit and spin type thing and he had a blast playing with it after everyone left.

We also took a few pictures of him at the park the other day for his four year pictures. It was kind of a rough photo session because he skipped his nap. We got some cute shots of him though. The last picture is the sleepiness coming through. ;)

Happy Birthday Buddy! We love you!

It's just too dramatic not to post!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

10 months old!

We took the kids to the park last week to take Oliver's four year pictures and Ivy's ten month pictures. I'm saving Oliver's for his birthday post (which should be coming soon!) but I'll share Ivy's with you. It was one of our more chaotic photo sessions but I still think we got some cute ones of our little Ivy girl. I know I said she was busy last month but I'm going to say it again. She is busy! She is definitely a mover and wants to get into anything and everything that she can. She has also become a big fan of big people food. Whenever any of us are eating she bolts right to your side to see if she can snatch a bite. She especially wants Oliver's food which annoys him but he's been a very patient big brother.  I really love this age! She is so much fun to watch and I love to hear her babbling and giggles. It's hard to believe she is already 10 months old!

Current Favorites: 
- playing in the fridge (if she can get there fast enough when it's open)
- peas, bananas, and puffs
- bathtime
- going outside (the weather is finally improving!)
- wearing sunglasses
- following around her big brother
- Oliver's train table