Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Latest and Greatest with Oliver

Lately it seems that Ivy is taking over our blog with her first year pictures but I think it's time we give you an update on Oliver. He has made some huge leaps for us in the last couple months and we are so excited to see his progress. He is constantly surprising us with new words and skills. It's amazing to see!

Some of the things he is doing that we like to see are just simple things around the house. Putting his shoes away, putting his coat and hat on the table, throwing his trash away, putting his plate in the sink when he's done with it, and wiping up spills. He doesn't usually do them on his own without being reminded but the fact that he understands excites us. He is also working on taking his clothes off or on without us helping him too much. He does the best with his shirt and socks but I'm sure he'll get the hang of the rest.

Numbers, numbers, numbers... Oliver loves numbers! He has arranged his toys in the shape of a 9 and then said nine. I about fell over. We were totally surprised! He knows and recognizes more numbers than I thought he did. One day he was on my lap while I was looking at the calendar and he pointed to the numbers and counted to thirty. Yes, 30!! Another moment he totally shocked me. I thank "The Count" off Sesame Street for his new found love of numbers. Occasionally after he's done counting he'll add in The Counts "ah, ah, ah". It's super cute.

Potty training, oh how I dislike thee. I'll say it's not fun but he is doing much better than I was expecting. If we're home we've been letting him go pantless and he poops and pees on the potty without a problem. Dare I say, he is potty trained when not wearing pants. When he wears pants or underwear he doesn't get it at all. I'm not sure if he thinks he has a diaper on or if he just forgets. I think I'm going to try harder potty training with pants on over his spring break. Regardless I'm stoked that he gets the concept.

We are also doing a gluten and dairy free diet with him. Sometimes it's hard but we really think it's making a difference. The times we have slipped up and he has accidentally gotten something with gluten and dairy he seems to lose some focus and do more of his hand/sensory stuff. He still does those things but we feel like they have decreased slightly.
(editors note: snow is Gluten AND Dairy Free!)

One of the biggest changes we are seeing in him is an increased vocabulary. He says a new word all the time and it always takes us by surprise. Occasionally he'll string a few words together and really shock us. He has also gotten better at saying things on his own without prompting. It's so nice when he can come up to us and say "juice" or "cookie" and know exactly what he's wanting. Whenever we go to Walmart he repeats "Fish, fish, fish..." from the time we pull in until we reach the fish tanks. These words might seem small to most but for him and us it's huge. So proud of him and how hard he's trying!

Those are a few of the new, cool things he's been up to. We still have a long way to go and we have days with tantrums and setbacks but overall he is making some great progress. He is such a happy, playful little guy and I love hearing him say "Yay, yay, yay..." when he has a new accomplishment. Stay tuned for more with Oliver. He has his big 4th birthday coming around the corner. :)

Friday, February 7, 2014

It's SCRUNCHY time!

Our little Ivy Jane is 8 months old! She is getting quite the personality and is constantly cracking us up. We had a little photo shoot in her room today and I'm so glad we were able to capture some of her expressions. Her newest and our favorite is her scrunchy face. It is hilarious! She has three top teeth that have popped through but thankfully they haven't seemed to bother her or her sleeping habits. She was crawling last month but this month she has perfected it and is very speedy. She is pretty much always pulling up on things, digging in drawers, and trying to put things in her mouth. In other words, she is keeping us on our toes. When Ivy isn't knocking down Oliver's blocks or drooling on his toys he seems to enjoy her company. He will actually go get the wipes and clean up the drool puddles that she leaves throughout the house. It's pretty sweet.
I probably went a little overboard with the amount of pictures I'm posting but some of them were too cute to leave out. And of course, there are a few shots of her big brother as well.