Saturday, January 18, 2014

Seven Months!

Our sweet Ivy is seven months old! A couple weeks ago when we had that nasty snow storm we decided to make use of our time snowed in with a little photo shoot. As you'll see in the pictures, Ivy is a crawler and constantly on the move. She is truly such a happy baby and even more so now that she can go places. She absolutely ADORES her brother and thinks everything he does is hilarious. If he gives her attention of any kind she is cracking up. Jared and I love to see those moments when our kids are enjoying each other. So sweet! She is loving baby food and vocalizes her frustration when you're a little too slow with her next spoonful. She is and has been sleeping all night. We have been blessed with two kiddos who love their sleep. I realize this could change any night but for now we're enjoying it. She has two bottom teeth and we are starting to see some top ones coming in. In the pictures we took she is wearing one of my sweaters from when I was a baby. An old family friend made me all kinds of things when I was a baby and she has even made Ivy her own booties. I love being able to pass this stuff on to Ivy. So fun! She is also showing off her "wings", also know has her crazy hair on both sides of her head. We also added some pictures daddy snapped of Oliver and the snow coming down. The one he got of Oliver may be one of my all time favorites. He has the sweetest smile!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Thanksgiving Vacation

I was organizing our pictures from this last year and came across our vacation/Thanksgiving pictures. These are overdue but I thought I'd share them anyway. We took a week off the week of Thanksgiving and planned to visit my sister down in Mississippi. 
We left early and stopped in Metropolis Illinois to stay at a hotel and visit the Superman museum. If you know my husband you know that he is a comic book and anything superhero related junkie. He loves this stuff! I will admit the museum was pretty cool. It was small but it had all kinds of original Superman stuff (wigs, costumes, the harness used in the movie, etc.). It was a small town but it had a huge superman statue as well as other superman hotspots. We got a hotel there and had a fun night of pizza and swimming. Oliver LOVES water so the pool was a huge hit.
After our quick stay in Metropolis we headed to my sister's for Thanksgiving. We got there on a Tuesday so it was nice to spend some time with Molly and John before Thanksgiving hit. My parents and granny joined us on Wednesday night and it was great to have a full house. Oliver loved having his Ma and Pa there. We spent a lot of time cooking, eating, and playing games. We went shopping the afternoon after Thanksgiving and then on Saturday some of us went to the shooting range. All in all it was a great trip. Here are some of the highlights. :)

 Again, he's not excited about sitting next to his sister. 

 His hair has been cut since this but Aunt Molly had a fun time styling it.