Friday, September 12, 2014

Vegas Vacation

Jared had a DJ conference in Las Vegas this week and I decided to tag along for a little vacation. It was awesome! His conference was during the day so we had our evenings free to do whatever. We went with some other local DJs so we spent most of our time with them. I was able to spend the day with my new buddy Emily, Tony's wife. It was great because we're both lay by the pool and read a book kind of people. It worked out perfect! We walked a lot, ate a lot, did some karaoke (or at least Jared and Tony did), saw some shows, had some tasty slushies, and did some shopping. It was all in all a great trip! 

Now on to the pictures! I can't wait to go again! (Hopefully)

All the rooms in Planet Hollywood had different movie themes. We had Robocop, Emily and Tony had Lost in Space. Brian had The Fugitive, and Wes had Shirley Temple. It was cool!

It was the first time we've ever left the kids for that long and I'm pretty sure they had an equally fun staycation with Ma and Pa. Everyday they'd send us pictures of all they were doing. Breakfast in bed,  playing at the splash pad, picnics in the park, playing trains,  swimming, chick fil a lunches, and making cookies. We weren't sure they'd want to come home! It was hard leaving them but it was great for all of us. Thank you again Ma and Pa! We couldn't have gone without your help.

Personalized M&M's from Vegas

Reunited with the kiddos!

Friday, July 11, 2014


Some of ours friends invited us to join them at the zoo tonight for Zoolapalooza. It was so much fun! The zoo in the evening is a totally different experience and I loved it. The weather was perfect and it wasn't crowded. They had a band playing which was cool but it was a little too loud for Oliver's liking. We checked out the animals, ate dinner, and then the kids ran around the splash pad for awhile. It was a great night! 

Thanks for the invite Jennifer, Jordan, and Wesley! :)

Ivy and Wesley are only two months apart. Too cute!

Ivy takes after her brother and loves the water!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Movin' on up!

Oliver had Occupational therapy today, which he has had almost every Thursday for the last year. I absolutely love our therapist! Oliver loves her and I feel like they are actually excited to see each other. I think Oliver might be the only kid she sees so I'm sure it's a nice change for her. Sometimes it's not always convenient for me or easy to go with Ivy but it's something that he's needed and has become our normal routine.

Today when we got there she came out and she said that his prescription for OT is expiring later this month and she doesn't think he needs anymore. I was kind of speechless, excited, and confused for a minute. Finally, I said "We're done??". I couldn't believe it and more than that I couldn't believe the sadness I felt. It wasn't sadness that he's done with therapy but more sadness that another relationship is coming to an end. You see someone all the time and it's sad when you won't see them anymore. I'm sad for Oliver because he likes her so much and they've become buddies. She feels that he's met all his current goals and with OT at school starting soon he probably won't need it twice a week. I do agree with her. He is doing awesome with the things she's been working on (writing, holding a marker, dressing , building, recognizing emotions, etc.). They aren't mastered but he's where he should be and the rest is just practice and repetition. She said he probably isn't done forever but it's more of a "pause". We'll see where he is down the road and how well he does with only having OT once a week. We also are seriously considering homeschool next year and so he wouldn't be getting it at school (I don't think. Still not sure how all of that is going to work.).

Anyway, I just wanted to give a little update. Speech will be continuing and I don't foresee that stopping anytime soon but for now I'll enjoy our new free afternoon a week. I definitely need to get a picture with Ms. Christen before we say goodbye. I so appreciate everyone that works with Oliver and one day I'll make a scrapbook with all these awesome people who have touched our lives. 

Also, no blog post is complete without pictures. I don't have any therapy pictures so these are just some of Oliver that I've taken on my phone this summer. 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fun on the Fourth

For some reason the 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love spending time with family and friends, the picnics, the tasty food, cooking out, and fireworks. It just screams all things summer and I love it! What better way to celebrate freedom.

We started our day off with a church picnic with our Calvary family. So fun! The kids absolutely loved it! We had great fellowship, great food, and played some fun games. Oliver thought badminton was hilarious and he couldn't get enough of the water balloons. He was also fascinated with Pastor Roger and Lori's dog, Reggie. It really makes me want to get him a dog one of these days. Ivy was perfectly happy being able to walk around and sneak some food whenever possible. She loves the freedom to wander whenever possible.

After the picnic we all came home and Jared played a video game while the kids and I napped. I was on call all night for work but thankfully I never got called in. My parents ended up coming over for a cookout and some at home fireworks. Oliver absolutely LOVES fireworks! He laughed the entire time and before one was even done he was saying "more, more, more". We weren't planning to actually go watch fireworks anywhere but after his excitement we loaded up and headed out to Danville's fireworks. He loved it so much! He could barely contain his excitement. I wish I would have gotten a picture of him there because he was too funny. Ivy on the other hand could not have cared less about the fireworks. Thankfully they didn't bother her though and she was content playing baby games on Ma's phone. It was a full, fun day!

And yes, his face is covered in ketchup! :)

Happy Independence Day!!