Thursday, August 23, 2012

Our little sensory seeker...

As most of you know, Oliver has been involved with first steps for about 3 months now.  He started because he was delayed in speech but because of some other things they started occupational therapy as well.  If you've spent any time with Oliver you've probably noticed he has some cute/odd quirks. The main one being he likes to have things touch his face or he likes to get as close as he can to something without touching it. First steps called this sensory seeking and thought this was probably his main setback with speech. We're working on ways to meet that need and he seems to be doing better and focusing for longer periods of time. He still isn't saying too much but he is doing well with the things first steps are wanting him to accomplish.  All in all I'm glad we started first steps.  He enjoys it and I enjoy finding new sensory things for him to do. Hopefully, one of these days speech will just kick in.

On a side note, we went to the canal the other day because I was taking some senior pictures. Oliver and Jared joined me and here are a few shots of the little man.  Oliver is a very busy boy and in turn makes all of his pictures action shots. Oh well, that's him and I love it! :)