Friday, April 27, 2012

This home buying thing is actually happening?

So, this past week has been interesting....

I got sick.
I still am sick.
Oliver got sick.
Oliver is healing.
Maggie is perfectly fine.
She says Apple Cider Vinegar is the cure all.
We have looked at a house.
With her parents.
I sang, like really sang, for the first time in front of and with the band.
I got excited about The Avengers next week.
I got sad that Maggie and Oliver are leaving next week.
I am pretty much done with Koorsen.
I want STE to take over full time soon.
I can taste it.
Maggie stepped way outside her comfort zone.
We have gotten pre-approved for the house we looked at.

Have I said that this week has been interesting?
I know I am going to get crap from Maggie about posting this, but here is a picture of the house we have looked at a couple times.  I was going to post the youtube video showing the virtual tour, but I figured that can wait until we know we are getting it or not.  I am just getting a little too excited to NOT post something!  New adventures, and new excitement for The Wades soon!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

My Little Helper

After helping in Sunday school yesterday I decided it would be fun to make some play-dough with little man. I did my usual browse of pinterest and found a recipe I liked but unfortunately I didn't have all the ingredients. I'll admit, I could've easily gone to the store and gotten my one missing ingredient but in all honesty I just didn't feel like it. So, what do you do when you can't make play-dough? You make cookies of course! I found a recipe for peanut butter cookies that only required four ingredients and is only 36 calories ( Need I say more... 

And they were delicious! 
-- Maggie

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sundays the day of rest.. right?

Personally, I had a late night last night.  I got to spend the evening at a wedding and reception for someone that I am proud to call my friend, Nick.  I met him through Koorsen and when he was looking for a DJ, he came to me, we all spoke and it was decided that I would be there for them.  Great couple, and a great group of friends and family with them.  Congrats guys!

Anyways, it was a late night and by the time I got home, I opted to sleep in and stay home with Oliver vs church this morning.  I know, I know... I am a horrible person... or maybe I really did just need a day of rest.  However, I am a little concerned about a hurting throat, that I REALLY don't want to deal with this week.

Oliver was Oliver today.  Once Maggie got home, we went out to eat and then did some relaxing walking around Metropolis and I literally bought a bow tie, like a real, legit, not pre-made, bow-friggin-tie!  I will post attempts at a later date.

I have always thought bow ties were cool, but it wasn't until Dr. Who declared that they were "it" that it sealed the deal for me.  So, while walking around JC Penny today, I found that they have quite the selection.  In an effort to do something new and out of the norm, I bought one and I am going to learn how to tie it by this Sundays Bridal Show that STE is part of.  I think it will be fun!  Afterwards we all watched a couple movies and I found it extremely awesome that during the second movie (Real Steel) when I would go "yes!" and then give the 'fist pump' he would do the same, to an extent.  Maggie and I found this quite funny, and cute because he was all cuddled up with us.

Got a full week a head of us, so I will leave you with this picture of Maggie sleeping on a car ride somewhere.... just kidding!  - Jared

Friday, April 20, 2012

Not about Oliver?! How dare I??!

Maggie and I have been thinking about buying a house lately.  More her than I in all honesty.  I am getting more and more excited as we progress through the process of looking at houses on and glancing at houses we see with "for sale" signs up.  Today we actually emailed a couple people to start the process of attempting to get a loan and find out what we can afford, and what is available in Plainfield.  Well, in order to get loan, you have to give them pay stubs, w-2's, copies of your license, sign over your friends kids, create cold fusion and write a love ballad for an old 80's band.  In the process of looking through some folders of old paperwork and what not, we came across this picture.

This was taken on our honeymoon.  Totally forgot about it until today, and brought it back to life.  After finding it, we had to "discuss" when who would get to post it.  I won.  Bazinga!
For those that just HAVE to see a new picture of Oliver, here you go.  This was taken earlier... Enjoy! -- Jared

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A little somethin'

We have lived in our townhome for just over a year now and our dining room is as blah as it can get. We've talked about painting but then we just think about how we'll have to paint again before we move so we never do it. I bought some canvas the other day and went through our closet for pictures and decided to at least put something on the wall. I have never really been that great at painting but thanks to pinterest I found some easy ideas. Oliver loved dipping his hand in the paint and leaving his hand print. We'll have to play with the paint again another day. :)
-- Maggie

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Holy cow, 2 days in a row?!

This has to be some kind of record for The Wades!  We are ACTUALLY writing in a blog, weird, I know.  Still not quite sure what to post about most of the time, but I am sure that it will come more fluidly as we continue to write.  I did notice that my wife's writings are quite a bit better than mine.

Oliver was pretty funny today.  We went to Moe's (because it was kids night... so, lots of kids) and for those that don't know Oliver, he has some unusual "traits".  One of which is that if you try to give him something to eat but break it, crack it or alter the shape or form of it before he touches it, he will not eat it.  At first, it was extremely cute, but now, being in the terrible two's, it's starting to make me have a firmer hand with him.  Anyways, back to the story, he was sitting, eating his chips and Maggie decides to give him his cookie that he gets with his kids meal.  Now, I am not sure what was going through Maggie's head at the time, but for whatever reason, she felt that it was necessary to BREAK THE COOKIE IN HALF right in front of him.  Oliver looked at it, like his bestest friend in the world just fell off the St. Louis Arch and was starting to throw one of the bigger tantrums of the day (that I was part of).  Maggie and I locked eyes, and I am pretty sure that she could read what I was thinking... something along the lines of "really... Really?  Did you really just do that?".  I am pretty sure she suffered some kind of small stroke which caused her to act uncontrollably, but regardless, the cookie was soft, I was able to mesh the cookie back into one piece (at least long enough for him to grab it, before it broke again, but this time he didn't care because  HE broke it) and all was well in the world.

This isn't a bash on Maggie, she is the most wonderful wife and mother I could ask for, this is a bash on my son, lol.  JK, but seriously, it's a cookie kid! -- Jared

Our Growing Boy!

Oliver had his two year check up yesterday and he is a growing boy to say the least. He is 33 lbs and 35 1/2" tall and I couldn't be happier with him. He is the most energetic, happy, little boy I know! He cracks me up at the doctor's office because he goes from being his busy self to a statue. He sits on my lap and while the doctor examines him with his stethoscope he doesn't move and just follows the doctor with his eyes. It makes me laugh to see him sit so still because the doctor sees a totally different side of him. I had been dreading this appointment because I knew that he was behind in his speech. The paper they give you with "what your two year old should be doing" was not encouraging as it says he should be saying 100 words and saying two word phrases and as of a couple days ago he was saying nothing (aside from his Oliver babble, which I adore). Over the weekend he started saying "baby" and "eat" and just before the appointment he was saying "go go go". This was a huge encouragement to me because at least I could say he had said something. We had talked about his speech at his 18 month appointment and his doctor said he would give him until he was two before we started first steps so I was expecting this. I was hoping to not have to use first steps but after talking to several people I've come to the conclusion that it can only help and even if it doesn't Oliver will probably enjoy it. I'm sure before you know it I'll be writing a post saying he won't be quiet. :)
- Maggie

Monday, April 16, 2012

The first of... many?

SO, Maggie told me that she wants to start this blog thing again. We will see how this goes.  lol.  Not sure what we are going to write about, but I am going to ASSUME that it is going to be about Oliver... hence the name.  I am thinking it is actually going to be a lot of fun once we get rolling, and with the invention of this thing called a "smart telephone", we will be able to write from pretty much anywhere!  Score one for Tron lovers!  -- Jared